Dim — Used to declare the variables

The Data Type Summery (Visual Basic) can be found on Microsoft’s MSDN Website.

Str — Converts values to strings
Val — Converts Strings to Values

+ Add
- Subtract
* Multiply
/ Divide


Nearly synonymous with the modern Internet, the World Wide Web has become a ubiquitous part of everyday life. Widespread adoption of high-speed Internet access has paved the way for content-rich multimedia applications. Web 2.0 technologies have marshaled dramatic advances in usability, bridging the gap between client and server and virtually eliminating any user distinction between remote and local applications. Millions of people share information and make purchases on the Web every day, with little consideration for the security and safety of the site they’re using. As the world becomes more connected, web servers are popping up everywhere, moving from the…

10 steps to cash out cvvs to e giftcards

Imagine that you’ll need to make a cake...we all know that cakes use to have in ingredient list

flour,eggs,sugar etc and the cakes use to be baked in oven.

But if you don’t know the exact recipe,baking time and all the other steps ,will you be able to get a

cake from the ingredients?

You think that if you will start the oven and put all the ingredients as they are in a tray then bake

them you will get a comestible cake?I don’t think so.

Well for bake a cake you will need the wright list of…


here are termux hacking tools and how to use them

  1. TxTool

it is made to help you for easily pen testing in termux,build in termux and only available for termux. txtool used paramiko python library…

Now let’s find the factor of any number, for that install below package by typing
pkg install coreutils
After that to find the factor of any number then type factor number
eg: factor 100
Lets play with text on termux
we can write text in different styles, firstly try with the figlet
pkg install figlet
After that type figlet and type the text you want to write in figlet style
For Colourful text, you have to install toilet package for that, type below command
pkg install toilet

After installing toilet type toilet "your text"
You can also try colour combination…


Let me start by metioning the types of hackers
. Black hat hackers
. White hat hackers
. Grey hat hackers
In the past we have used kali linux, backtract and other os for any kind of security auditing and vulnrability scanning, now we can do the same stuff using our android phone through termux
Termux is a terminal emulator plus linux environment that allows us to use the linux environment on our Android within few clicks and the termux app can be found in play store
Advantages of termux
. It is useful for Hacking

  • It does not require…



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